About BVB

Hello BV baddies, my name is Alicia I am the CEO and founder of Blaque Velvet Boutique. It is my absolute pleasure shopping for you. My boutique is far from one dimensional when it comes to style. Promise your going to love it here. You are going to get comfy looks, sexy looks, lounge wear look, party looks etc for a very reasonable price. Shopping is my passion it’s what I do in my downtime, so I figured why not shop for my ladies and keep you up to date in all the latest fashion trends.
I do not like to see anyone in anything I wear so I shy away from buying pieces I know you can find at other boutiques. This will be somewhat of an exclusive shopping experience as certain pieces will be limited in stock to keep you from having on the same thing someone else will be wearing when you go out. I’m excited to dress you… Happy shopping ladies.